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detox: day one

I've spontaneously decided (the only way I decide things, really) to do a 12-day detox for the next couple of weeks. I went out and bought the Wild Rose Cleanse yesterday, and I was eager to start. I like a challenge. Challenges excite me. I think the things I'll miss most throughout the course of the cleanse will most definitely be bananas, mangoes, and chocolate. I'm looking forward to a full day of nothing but bananas when this is over.
Today went pretty smoothly, although I have realized that I feel a little lost without my daily (somewhat generous) dose of sugar. On this particular cleanse, only one serving of fruit is allowed and this does not include any tropical fruits. For breakfast, I cooked up some coconut oatmeal with a berry sauce. Later on, I had my "buddha plate" of roasted potatoes, brown rice and steamed veggies, smothered in an almond butter & tahini dressing. When dinner rolled around, I wasn't as excited to eat the same thing again, but I didn't have the time to cook anything else. Throughout the day I snacked on an apple (yeah, yeah, I had a little more than 1 serving of fruit -- but I mean, seriously!), carrots, and cucumbers. Although I am devilishly hungry for a banana, I'm forcing myself to bed with a rumbly tummy (due to hunger or the laxative pills? I'm not sure).

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